Products and Services

We provide custom sheaves, goosenecks, rod fittings, spreaders, tangs, pelican hooks, rudderheads, headboard cars, boom bails, vang fittings, cam locks, sail slide gates, stanchions, rudder bearings, chainplates, mast steps, hinged mast bases, mainsheet straps, spi pole boom mount brackets, instrument boxes, spi haly. block bails, halyard chafeguards, pipe berths, mast collars, emergency steering systems, dinghy spreader brackets, adjustable spreader brackets, halyard locks, T tangs for line runners, halyard boxes, and much more.

Advice, design and consultation with 45 years experience spar repair and refinishing spar modification

We have a complete machine shop that includes cnc (computer controlled) equipment and a cnc waterjet cutter that allows us to profile virtually any material to .005" tolerance. We can build almost any type of custom hardware or fabrication that is required for any project.

Railings, stairways, handrails, cable assemblies, custom architectural details and brackets built in stainless steel, aluminum and bronze.

What makes our spars better than the competition?
  1. Our raw material is better. We have the most modern shapes in the industry and hand check each piece of extrusion before accepting it for use. Our carbon spars are all built from hand wound carbon prepreg, the ultimate raw material and construction technique.
  2. We use a through bar type spreader system on our spars that has been proven on the most highly stressed racing boats. The system is very strong, simple and clean with no welding to affect the strength of the mast extrusion.
  3. We never weld gooseneck ears or spreader brackets to the mast. Eventually, even the best welds will show "toe cracking" and fail. Mechanically fastening the spreaders, gooseneck and vang solve this expensive problem.
  4. We install internal doubling in areas of high stress and wear. We regularly double masts at the spreaders, deck partners, spinnaker pole topping lift and butt to increase their strength and longevity.
  5. Our mastheads, boom ends , goosenecks and vang attachments are all precision Waterjet cut from plate and welded. the mastheads and boom ends are welded in place. We don't use cheaper, weaker castings for these high load areas.
  6. We are able to be flexible in our designs and construction so that the end result can meet the requirements of the customer both in performance and budget.
  7. We are a small company so each project is treated with importance and is closely monitored from start to finish.
  8. Our reputation is unsurpassed. ask our customers, even ask our competitors. we have a reputation for building beautiful, long lasting spars that perform as they should.
Thank you for your interest in our products. I look forward to working with you in the near future.
Buzz Ballenger